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Construction Set – Clixo Crew Pack Blue/Green Ages 4+

$49.95 inc.

This Crew pack is a flurry of creative possibilities from pinwheels to propellers! It contains 30 pieces in 8 unique Clixo shapes, including 2 spinners. Made for kids and kids at heart age 4+. Choose from 3 different color options and give it a whirl!

ISBN: 860005765935
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– With 30 flexible parts, including fun ‘spinner’ accessories, you can bring turtles, helicopters and robots to life!
– Clixo is a fun combination of modern origami and magnetic building toys.
– The flexible shapes click together very easily and rotate in all directions, allowing children to play very creatively.
– Clixo is a toy for boys and girls from 4 years old and you can choose from 3 different color options.
– A multi-motor magnetic building toy!
– The new, modern design sparks children’s imaginations, as our unique flexible shapes provide hours of building fun.
– Kids can click, stack and bend these versatile parts, allowing for endless creativity with the Clixo montessori toy.
– A 30-piece pack that encourages young builders to fold, turn and bend flexible pieces the way they want!
– The patented design allows you to efficiently build a wide variety of creations with just a handful of pieces.
– The clicking sound, both heard and felt when the magnets click together, lets kids know that each part is securely in place.
– This set includes a quick start guide to help build their first five exciting designs.
– The Clixo pieces are made of high-quality, recyclable and synthetic paper with super strong magnets inside, which ensure an extraordinary playing pleasure.
– All the pieces meet the strictest toys and quality standards.
– The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and perfectly tailored to the content = packaging is full of Clixo pieces, so no half-filled boxes.
– In this way we try to limit our CO2 footprint.
– The box may seem small, but the contents are huge!
– Clixo magnetic toys are ideal montessori toys because it contributes to the development of fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, design thinking, building and creativity.
– These skills help children to better understand their world through play.
– From building animals to airplanes, these hands-on experiences provide unique and engaging learning opportunities.
– Cleaning up and traveling are easy and worry-free with Clixo.
– Just stack them up and pack them up for a trip to the park or on a family vacation.
– They take up little space and are not only great fun for children, adults can also have a lot of fun with them.
– Best of all, they’re washable – just wipe them down with water and a cloth or pop them in the dishwasher after play for a deep clean.

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