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Bulletin Board – The Solar System

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ISBN: 9781483856117
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Explore the solar system with the captivating 32-piece Solar System Bulletin Board. Students will be inspired to learn about the solar system while using this engaging visual reference tool. Curriculum-based bulletin board sets are perfect for classrooms with limited display space.
This bulletin board includes these pieces:

1 header (40.49cm x 6.53cm)
1 sun (41.92cm x 46.99cm)
1 moon (5.59cm diameter)
1 asteroid belt (40.13cm x 32.77cm)
1 dwarf planet (6.1cm diameter)
8 planets (largest: 23.11cm x 24.39cm, smallest: 8.1cm diameter)
12 labels (11.43cm x 4.57cm]
3 information cards (38.61cm x 15.75cm)
4 star accents (largest: 5.59cm x 10.41cm, smallest: 3.8cm x 7.62cm)
Bulletin boards allow you to create a fun and inviting atmosphere while presenting essential standards-based content in a visually appealing way. Each set reinforces important skills and learning strategies and can be displayed for your students to reference all year long.

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