A-TSZ3000 - Air Purifier - TruSens Z3000

Air Purifier - TruSens Z3000
Air Purifier - TruSens Z3000
Code: A-TSZ3000
Author: TruSens
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Product information:

Experience the difference with a new kind of air purifier that combines science, style and technology. Featuring DuPont filtration, the TruSens Z-3000 collects pollutants and neutralizes odors by automatically adapting to changing air quality conditions in a room.

Senses Pollutants
- Clean air should be everywhere, not just near the purifier. The remote SensorPod monitors air quality across the room to optimize clean air delivery throughout your space.

Responds to Air Quality
- SensorPod air quality readings are displayed on the illuminated disc. Know when your air is good, moderate or poor and have the peace of mind that your purifier responds accordingly.

Dual Airflow
- PureDirect technology uses two airflow streams to distribute air more comfortably, delivering purified air more effectively

Captures and Destroys Pollutants
- The 360 degree DuPont HEPA filter captures pollutants and VOC gases/odors from all directions. UV light kills germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter.

Designed for Ease of Use
- This air purifier was designed with simple touch controls for all the functions that matter most and filter replacement indicators.
- The contemporary designand integrated handle blend seamlessly into your environment

Room Coverage 69.7 sq m
Dimensions of Air Purifier 263 x 263 x 726 mm