ESSR-5424 - Positive Schools Book 2 Years 5-8 9781877478901

Positive Schools Book 2 Years 5-8
Positive Schools Book 2 Years 5-8
Code: ESSR-5424
Barcode/ISBN: 9781877478901
Author: Pam Fleck and Paul Winders
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This book:
- supports a holistic approach to improving students' wellbeing and academic and social achievement
- is underpinned by practical experience of a school facing serious behavioural issues and the need to respond to them
- sets out strategies that address antisocial behaviour while maintaining positive relationships with students
- identifies key components in the change process and offers concrete suggestions for their implementation

This Positive Schools series is all about creating a school culture in which learning achievement and social and emotional
development can flourish. It sets out a holistic approach to improving behaviour and learning, drawing together a range
of effective strategies and tools for this purpose. Each book identifies and outlines key components in achieving a positive
shift in school culture, such as undertaking appropriate consultation and planning, fully involving and engaging staff and
children, and setting in place behaviour management strategies that keep students' dignity and self-esteem intact.