MAC-36569 - Spelling Rules! 2nd Ed TRB 3-6 9781420236569

Spelling Rules! 2nd Ed TRB 3-6
Spelling Rules! 2nd Ed TRB 3-6
Code: MAC-36569
Barcode/ISBN: 9781420236569
Author: Helen Pearson and Janelle Ho
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Spelling Rules! is a bestselling series that takes a phonemic approach that is systematic, purposeful and sequential.
This second edition has been produced to meet the latest English curriculum requirements. It focuses on known sounds and letter patterns when introducing spelling rules, so that students can learn one skill at a time. With this approach, students will develop spelling knowledge so that they can learn to spell while also increasing their vocabulary.

This Teacher Resource Book is packed with:
- teaching tools for whole-class modelling and instruction
- detailed teaching notes for use with the student books
- word lists to support learning of specific letters, letter patterns and rules
- assessment tools for teacher and student feedback
- reproducibles including assessment tools, dictation passages and merit certificates
- updated scope and sequence charts aligned to curriculum requirements
- activity answers for the student books
- digital resources provide on disc