CE-23442 - Humanities & Social Sciences ACE Year 8 Textbook 9781107423442

Humanities & Social Sciences ACE Year 8 Textbook
Humanities & Social Sciences ACE Year 8 Textbook
Code: CE-23442
Barcode/ISBN: 9781107423442
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Compiled by Malcolm McInerney and written by Australia's leading humanities and social science educators, Humanities and Social Sciences for the Australian Curriculum is a comprehensive and compelling series for years 7-9 that caters for the different learning styles and abilities in Australian classrooms without sacrificing the depth and quality of content.

This series encourages you to analysise sources and use evidence to illuminate the past, and to pose questions and propose actions to enrich your understanding of today's geographic, political and commercial world. Using this inquiry-based approach you will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to participate as an active and informed citizen and consumer within your community, across Australia and throughout the World.

- Comprehensive chapter introductions guide you through the topic ahead, prompt you to think about the relevance of the topic, and provide inquiry questions to prepare you for your in-depth studies.
- Activities and Research Tasks reinforce key concepts, develop skills, and link your studies of humanities and social sciences with general learning capabilities and corss curriculum skills.
- End-of-chapter sections include summaries that reflect on and consolidate learning, and comprehension and revision questions including short answer and extended response.