REP-751 - Book a Week Bk 1 BLM 9781863974455

Book a Week Bk 1 BLM
Book a Week Bk 1 BLM
Code: REP-751
Barcode/ISBN: 9781863974455
Author: Toni McRae
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The 'Book-a-Week Series' has been created to help early readers, as well as children with reading difficulties, learn to read and experience success at reading.
The series contains 'strip books' which ar easy to construct using minimal equipment and contain simple text and themes with excellent illustrations.
In addition, the 'strip books' introduce and reinforce sight words; use repetitive strategies; contain early reading concepts and skills such as basic sentence structure as well as the concepts of print, directionality and spacing of words.
As a follow up to each 'strip book', there is an optional activity sheet that can be used to consolidate the comprehension and understanding of each of the books.
A great hands-on reading resource for junior primary!