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Creative Challenges
Creative Challenges
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Edward de Bono has long been recognised as a ‘guru’ in the area of lateral thinking. It is his contention that the mental activity of ‘creative thinking’ is not just the product of a high level of intelligence. Indeed, as thinking can be seen as a skill, the end result can be affected considerably by the amount of practice that the ‘thinker’ has been exposed to before undertaking the given task. The activities in Creative Challenges have been designed to stretch your students’ understanding and thinking skills.
This activity book follows the basic principles of de Bono in concentrating on eight processes or skills which foster an increased ability to think creatively and divergently. These include: Cognitive abilities – Fluency, Flexibility, Originality and Elaboration; and Affective abilities – Curiosity – Complexity, Risk Taking and lmagination.
The final section is extremely useful in that it provides Task Starters to assist teachers in designing their own activities for classroom use.