NEL-26882 - Chemistry in Use Book 2 9780170226882

Chemistry in Use Book 2
Chemistry in Use Book 2
Code: NEL-26882
Barcode/ISBN: 9780170226882
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The Chemistry in Use series addresses the Queensland Senior Chemistry syllabus and places a strong emphasis on using ‘chemistry in context’ as a means of discovering chemistry principles. Written by an expert team with a wealth of experience, Chemistry in Use aims to cover the key concepts and ideas of chemistry using relevant everyday experiences, and makes an excellent resource for senior Chemistry students in other states requiring information on common applications of chemistry.

Chemistry in Use Book 2 addresses the more complex chemistry concepts as well as revisiting and adding depth to the key concepts and ideas studied in Book 1. It features five of the most popular contexts for Year 12 students that are linked to an extensive chemistry section authored by Roland Smith. These provide basic chemistry principles that students can refer to while studying the contexts.

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