BUR-4605 - Complete Digraphs BLM Lower Grs 9781920982461

Complete Digraphs BLM Lower Grs
Complete Digraphs BLM Lower Grs
Code: BUR-4605
Barcode/ISBN: 9781920982461
Author: Louise and Greg Porich
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Some pages in Complete Digraphs have been previously published in the following titles:
- Phonics Digraphs Workbook
- Learning to Read - Digraphs
- Phonics Puzzles - Digraphs
- Learning to Read - Advanced Phonics
- Learning to Read - Phonics Extension
- Read and Colour - Digraphs

Complete Digraphs provides a comprehensive programme to introduce and consolidate digraphs
and other more difficult phonemes.
- Each digraph has up to four pages of interesting activities that will provide practise in the visual,
oral and aural recognition of these sound groups.
- The sounds covered are: sh, th, ch, wh, ck, ee, ea, oa, ow, ai, ay, or, aw, ow, ou, ir, ur, ar, 00, er,
00, a-e, o-e, i-e, u-e, ing, ang, y(long e), y(long i), oi, ew, ie, ce, ge, air, are, ear, or, ph, ie, silent h, silent b, silent k,
silent t, silent w, silent 1, ou, ore, igh, ui, oar, ue, ou, oe, eigh, ea, au, c, ei, sc, ture, ere, our, gh, ine, ar, y, tion, or,
sion, ci, ar, gu, gue, ign.
- Revision pages are also included.