BUR-4603 - Complete Word Families BLM 9781920982447

Complete Word Families BLM
Complete Word Families BLM
Code: BUR-4603
Barcode/ISBN: 9781920982447
Author: Louise and Greg Porich
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Some pages in Complete Word Families have been previously published in the following titles:
1. Read and Colour - Word Families
2. Starting Word Families
3. Phonics Puzzles - Word Families
4. Learning to Read - Word Families
5. Complete Word Families provides a comprehensive programme to introduce and consolidate word family phonic patterns.

- Each word family group has four pages of interesting activities that will provide practise in the visual, oral and aural recognition of these sound groups.
- The sounds covered are: ab, ad, ag, am, ap, an, at, ib, id, ig, in, ip, it, ob, og, op, ot, ub, ug, um, un, ut, ed, eg, en, et.
- Revision pages are included.