BUR-4504 - Classroom Display Digraphs Lower BLM 9791920982194

Classroom Display Digraphs Lower BLM
Classroom Display Digraphs Lower BLM
Code: BUR-4504
Barcode/ISBN: 9791920982194
Author: Louise and Greg Porich
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Product information:

'Classroom Display - Digraphs' is an excellent resource to be used in making classroom displays for re-inforcing the
recognition of digraphs.

The display pages can be enlarged, coloured by the students or laminated to produce an eye-catching classroom
feature. These can then be used as a teaching tool and to re-inforce the recognition of digraphs within words.

The picture and sound cards can also be used for individual, group or class activities such as Bingo or
Concentration or to make flash cards.

There are pages which contain N.S.W. Foundation, Victorian Cursive and Queensland Beginners fonts.
These will allow the teacher to modify the font to suit their own state.