RIC-6580 - Creative Musical Experiences Ages 5-7 9781741264258

Creative Musical Experiences Ages 5-7
Creative Musical Experiences Ages 5-7
Code: RIC-6580
Barcode/ISBN: 9781741264258
Author: Robert Smith
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Product information:

Features include:

- 20 original songs covering a variety of age-appropriate themes in sheet music form.
- Accompanying CD, containing two versions of each song (instrumental and vocal).
- Separate lyrics provided for each song.
- Variety of activities exploring a range of musical concepts, including rhythm, melody and dynamics.
- Step-by-step instructions for introducing and teaching the songs.
- Teachers notes for each song; including background information, lesson intentions, lesson focus
and points to analyse and reflect upon after the lesson
- Additional activities linked to key learning areas.
- Glossary of musical terms and ideas for teaching musical literacy.
- Comprehensive theory notes on musical creativity.