TS-45137 - Including All Children: Strategies That Work 9781925145137

Including All Children: Strategies That Work
Including All Children: Strategies That Work
Code: TS-45137
Barcode/ISBN: 9781925145137
Author: Anne Vise
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Teachers, educators and program staff are generally highly committed to the inclusion of children with additional learning needs in their classrooms, preschools, childcare centres and out-of-school hours programs, but the reality check comes once a child arrives in the setting.

- Are the staff actually ready?
- Do they feel confident in managing the specific needs of this child, at this time, in this setting?
- Does everyone in the setting share the same views and values about inclusion?

Adults can often have valid concerns about inclusion such as:
- But I don’t know much about disabilities?
- I already teach a large, multi-age class. How will I support children with additional needs as well?
- What if I get something wrong?
- Will it take away from the time I spend with the other children?

This book addresses these concerns and provides realistic strategies for addressing them.