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Striving to Improve Integers
Striving to Improve Integers
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Barcode/ISBN: 9781863978507
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- Targets students who, for whatever reason, are struggling to keep up with their peers.
- The activities in this book are designed to prevent students from regressing any further at school.
- The tasks are based on a modified curriculum so that students can work at their own pace and without constant supervision from the teacher.
- This book is focused on the Number and Algebra Strand of the Australian Curriculum for lower ability students and those who need further opportunity to consolidate these core areas in mathematics.
- The section entitled Understanding Integers enables students to reencounter ideas of place value, rounding, estimation, factors, multiples and the concept of a directed number.
- The section entitled Calculating With Integers walks students through the four core calculations.
- Students explore addition and subtraction with two and three digit sums and can apply what they have learned to some real life application problems.
- Similarly, students explore the various levels of multiplication and division before applying them to a variety of applications.