MDA-KZ004 - mohdoh for Kidz Travel Time 50g 5060167710018

mohdoh for Kidz Travel Time 50g
mohdoh for Kidz Travel Time 50g
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Barcode/ISBN: 5060167710018
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Do you have a child that suffers from car sickness? Travel Time Mohdoh For Kidz has been created for those that don’t travel well. As the dough is kneaded the benefits of the special blend of essential oils Rosewood, Mandarin and Petitgrain are released, inhaled and absorbed through the skin. This concentration of carefully selected oils has been created to provide relief from the symptoms of travel sickness.

Travel Time Mohdoh for Kidz works on 3 levels. It combines the benefits of aromatherapy using the essential oils Rosewood, Mandarin and Petitgrain. It works with colour therapy with the colour orange being an uplifting colour that helps to alleviate the feelings of boredom, anxiety and settles an upset stomach. It is best for the dough to be kneaded between 5-10 minutes for the benefits to be noticed which incorporates play therapy. While they are kneading the dough they are keeping their hands busy and their minds occupied allowing their body to relax.

Rosewood is used for headaches and stress, Mandarin helps soothe an upset stomach and Petitgrain is for stress.

Eventually the dough will dry out and the oils will fade (approximately after 30 ten minute uses after opening or 3 months). If you notice this has happened it is best to replace your Mohdoh so the benefits can be continued to be experienced by the user. In the meantime while you’re waiting for your new Mohdoh to arrive pop it in the microwave for a very short burst to soften.

Please Note: Always replace the dough back into the pot IMMEDIATELY after use and never add your own essential oils as the concentration of oils in Mohdoh have been carefully controlled so that it is both safe and effective. Store in a cool and dark place.

If you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy please seek medical advice before use. Under 3’s should be supervised while using. Wash hands after use.

Mohdoh – WINNER for the Best New Non- Food Product in 2010 and 2011.

Mohdoh is NOT tested on animals. MSDS available on request