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Large Tactile Cushion
Large Tactile Cushion
Barcode/ISBN: 752830880092
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Product information:

Like a balance ball for children, our spiky tactile cushion improves posture and focus simultaneously!

This cushion provides active seating or balance training combined with the tactile input that many children crave.

Our Large Tactile Cushion is a multi-use product offering the benefits of a gym (swiss) ball, wobble board and sitting cushion in one.
Either use as a seating cushion to help improve posture and core stability or can also be placed on the floor where it may be used as a balance training aid whilst standing.
Extra large size (60cm) accommodates children that are best served by laying down on the cushion.
Large enough to fit two children (sitting/standing) at the same time.
Proven effective in improving posture, muscle strength, joint stabilisation and balance.
Portable, easy to inflate and comes with inflation pump included. Wipe clean.
Size: 60cm diameter when inflated. (58cm diameter deflated.)

Comes with a hand pump and is available in grey only.

WARNING: Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years. Always use under adult supervision.