JW-15232 - Jacaranda Primary Atlas ACE 9781118615232

Jacaranda Primary Atlas ACE
Jacaranda Primary Atlas ACE
Code: JW-15232
Barcode/ISBN: 9781118615232
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Product information:

- Fourth Edition
- Meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: Geography.
- This updated Atlas, retains its mapping excellence and graded skill development
- Presents a wealth of gazetteer and thematic maps, new case studies and fully updated statistics that address the curriculum content descriptions for Years 3-6.

- Includes important innovations such as satellite images, enhanced subcontinental maps, case studies and coverage of critical global themes and issues
- Map keys are clear and accessible for primary students and help develop map skills
- Cross-curriculum priorities are a focus in the case studies for Australia and the World sections
- Students are encouraged to be active and informed citizens through a Let’s help feature.

Skills section
- Students are introduced to basic map interpretation through stimulating resources and activities.
- Students are introduced to geospatial skills through stimulating resources and activities.
- Where relevant, statistics and other data have been updated
- Specific map reading skills are explained using real examples
- Skill development is reinforced with a range of activities.