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The New Art and Science of Teaching
The New Art and Science of Teaching
Code: HBE-SOT2922
Barcode/ISBN: 9781760562922
Author: Robert J. Marzano
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The New Art and Science of Teaching by Robert J. Marzano is more than a revision of The Art and Science of Teaching.

It is a greatly expanded volume, offering a framework for substantive change based on Marzano's fifty years of education research and observation. In The New Art and Science of Teaching, Marzano identifies ten design areas within three categories of teaching - (1) feedback, (2) content, and (3) context - that form a road map for K-12 teachers' lesson and unit planning.

Within these ten design areas, Marzano explores forty-three categories of instructional strategies that contain more than 330 specific classroom strategies educators can implement for optimal student learning. Each chapter provides guidance for planning changes and highlights current education practices to put the strategies in place.

Readers will:

- Explore more than 330 classroom strategies
- Discover specific mental states and processes learners need in order to reach peak academic success
- Gain a general framework to help in planning what classroom strategies to use to foster specific student learning outcomes
- Analyze the behavioral evidence that proves strategies are producing the desired effects
- Study the state of the modern standards movement and what changes are necessary in K-12 education for it to reach the next level of effectiveness