CE-73601 - Maths in Practice Workbook 1 9781107673601

Maths in Practice Workbook 1
Maths in Practice Workbook 1
Code: CE-73601
Barcode/ISBN: 9781107673601
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- This workbook provides an entire course of study for one year and focuses on developing practical skills through real-world scenarios and texts.
- Maths in Practice covers all five topics of the study area: number, data, measurement, finance and location & time.
- The activities demonstrate maths in action and develop the skills needed to manage personal finances and effectively participate at work and in the world.
- Self contained units of work for class or home study - support both teacher-led and student-paced independent learning for a diverse group of students
- Realworld contexts - encourage students to immediately see the connection between topics, such as buying a house or car and their own lives, helping them to engage with the subject matter.
- Multiple forms of assessment including checklist of success in each lesson - help teachers identify weaknesses through continuous assessment while self-evaluation helps students to measure their progress to give them a sense of success
- Clear learning goals and success criteria - help students measure and reflect on their progress