RIC-754 - Primary Quizzes Ages 8-10 9781741260984

Primary Quizzes Ages 8-10
Primary Quizzes Ages 8-10
Code: RIC-754
Barcode/ISBN: 9781741260984
Author: Terry Johnson
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- Forty educational quizzes aimed at expanding students' knowledge of their world.
- Each quiz covers a range of topics; including mathematics, animals, our body and general knowledge, as well as
'Did you know?' fact about one of the question topics.
- Each quiz includes question types that help the student find the correct answer, such as multiple choice and true or false.
- A teachers page accompanies each quiz, containing suggestions on how to prepare for each quiz, a resource list and
ideas for expanding selected question topics.
- Quizzes can be presented and marked in a variety of ways, allowing students to work individually or in groups.