REP-1409 - Puzzle Muddle Ages 11-13 9781863977869

Puzzle Muddle Ages 11-13
Puzzle Muddle Ages 11-13
Code: REP-1409
Barcode/ISBN: 9781863977869
Author: Edward Connor
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Product information:

- Puzzle Muddle contains fun and interesting worksheets for the upper primary classroom.
- They are designed to thoroughly engage students, as they are humorous, topical and clearly set out.
- The activities will challenge students through a series of mental exercises to help them develop into more effective, skilfull and critical thinkers.
- Many of the puzzles and problems found in this book can be given as extension work to students who need challenging beyond their year level or can be issued as extra work to those who finish allocated class work early.
- Activities are linked to English and Mathematic skills as well as helping to develop students' general knowledge.
- Answers are found at the back of the book to make life easy for the teacher.

Ideal for Ages 11-13