PET-095 - A New Grammar Companion for Teachers 9781875622900

A New Grammar Companion for Teachers
A New Grammar Companion for Teachers
Code: PET-095
Barcode/ISBN: 9781875622900
Author: Beverley Derewianka
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The Australian Curriculum: English uses standard grammatical terminology within a contextual framework, in which language choices are seen to vary according to the topics at hand, the nature and proximity of the relationships between the language users, and the modalities or channels of communication available.
A New Grammar Companion:
- Addresses the grammar requirements within the Australian Curriculum: English with links to specific Content Descriptions and Outcomes
- continues to familiarise teachers with the basics of the English grammatical system
- presents the grammatical categories organised according to how they construct meaning in context
- views grammar as a resource - an array of possibilities from which writers can choose in order to generate and interpret meanings
- employs standard grammatical terminology, but also uses terms which allow for a more functional interpretation

We are sure that A New Grammar Companion will once again become an indispensible reference and guide providing reassurance as you introduce students to the fascinating workings of grammar for the 21st century.