JW-81192 - Complete Handbook Indoor Outdoor Games Activities 9780876281192

Complete Handbook Indoor Outdoor Games Activities
Complete Handbook Indoor Outdoor Games Activities
Code: JW-81192
Barcode/ISBN: 9780876281192
Author: Jean R. Feldman
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This practical resource is packed with over 370 simple hands-on games and activities
that will help you add fun, excitement, and meaningful learning experiences to any early
childhood program or curriculum, preschool through grade 2.
For quick access and easy use, all of these enjoyable games and activities are organised
into ten convenient sections and accompanied by illustrated, step-by-step directions that
virtually guarantee their success. You'll find:
- 50 Language Games and Ideas
- 50 Math Magic Activities
- 40 Science Surprises
- 41 Arts & Crafts
- 31 Water, Sand & Block Play
- 12 Dramatic Play
- 47 Motor Skills & Homemade Equipment
- 80 Group Games
- 17 Super Snacks & Silly Songs
- 11 Special Day

These creative hands-on games and activities will help you integrate children's work
and play throughout the day, both inside the classroom and outside on the playground.
Above all, they will help each child experience success and the joy of learning.