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Classic Indoor Games
Classic Indoor Games
Code: ECP-33397
Barcode/ISBN: 9780949133397
Author: Garry Powell
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Young people are used to instant entertainment at the flick of a switch or the push of a button.
Especially indoors, children often find it difficult to entertain themselves without electronic assistance.
Classic Indoor Games can help remedy this.
- played for sheer enjoyment
- played with enthusiasm for generations
- designed to be played indoors and with simple rules
- the equipment needed is either in everyday use for another purpose, or is readily available at low cost
- promoting motor skills, body coordination, hand-eye coordination, perception, intellectually flexibility,
socialisation, teamwork, independence and ethics
- suitable for one player, pairs, teams and groups.

The games are suitable for:
- wet weather
- after-school care programs
- camps
- youth groups
- family holiday recreation
- inside home entertainment