PP-12635 - Spelling Works Book 5 [R] 9781864412635

Spelling Works Book 5 [R]
Spelling Works Book 5 [R]
Code: PP-12635
Barcode/ISBN: 9781864412635
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- Use as the basis of a thorough spelling programme.
- Contains a sequential and consistently developed spelling activities.
- Strategies and skills are introduced and then reinforced in ater units.
- Students become familiar with the most frequently used words while also developing strategies for spelling new words.
- Focuses on the major strategies including spelling rules, word families, syllabification, proof reading, visual memory, word building and analogy.
- Includes work on using a dictionary and exercises on blends, compound words, contractions and homophones.
- The dictionary included in each book is a simple, easy to use reference that allows students to work independently.