KB-2311 - Flip Chart - Place Value House [R]

Flip Chart - Place Value House [R]
Flip Chart - Place Value House [R]
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Practice reading, writing and interpreting numbers with these Place Value Houses & Flip Charts.

The repetition of the ones, tens, and hundreds on each Flip Chart highlights the pattern for naming numbers in the thousands and millions. This pattern helps children to learn the names of large numbers.

The continuous rotation of the cards means that when the 9 card is turned, zero is revealed. This introduces the concept of place value: where the value of a digit changes based on its position in a number.

Each metal frame is 20 x 18cm

Each set contains:
- 3 Metal Frames & Plastic Rods
- 3 Ones, Tens & Hundreds Flip Charts
- 3 Rectangle & 3 Triangle Prisms
- Teacher’s Guide