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English Works! Student Book
English Works! Student Book
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- English Works! consolidates skills associated with upper primary or lower secondary (years 5 to 7).
- AThe homework programs concentrate on reinforcing elements of grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary, together with regular revision.
- The programs are presented as tear-out, double-sided weekly homework sheets. All work is completed on the sheets; all exercises have specific answers and a regular marking scheme.
- The sheets develop in a sequential manner so that previous knowledge is built upon and reinforced through revision.
- Parental involvement in their children’s schooling is encouraged.
- Teachers are able to purchase a manual that includes the solutions and other material that encourages inclusion in the more general curriculum. Teachers are saved both the task of sourcing weekly homework and the time used in copying materials for their classes. The tear-out format means that the products can be sold cheaply, but the content means that they can still be considered as a text book because they comprehensively cover many elements of language skills appropriate to the students’ educational levels, and with which students should be familiar. The programs provide an ideal way to introduce and revise the language conventions integral to state curricula, the National Curriculum Board requirements and to the national assessment plan in literacy (NAPLAN). Wordswork’s printer is part of the Sustainable Green Print program. - They use carbon neutral, Australian made, recycled paper.