LLP-LL1612 - Game - Colour Code Game Ages 5+ 5414301513476

Game - Colour Code Game Ages 5+
Game - Colour Code Game Ages 5+
Code: LLP-LL1612
Barcode/ISBN: 5414301513476
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Product information:

- Colour Code is a unique game for players young and old. This game is a fun way to stimulate visual perception and planning skills!
- Colour Code uses 18 bold, coloured shapes, each on a see-through tile.
- 1 player

How to play:
- Pick a challenge, then stack a rack of tiles to recreate the exact composition presented by the challenge!
- However, you are not only working to sequence the shapes and colours, but you'll also need to work out which way round each tile goes!

- Suitable for ages 5+