ETG-76100 - Game - Monkey Memory Game Ages 5+ 803004761003

Game - Monkey Memory Game Ages 5+
Game - Monkey Memory Game Ages 5+
Code: ETG-76100
Barcode/ISBN: 803004761003
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Product information:

- A gang of monkeys have broken out of the zoo and stolen whole pile of items from the zoo's visitors!
- After all of the items are recovered, one is still missing. Keep your eyes sharp, because different item will be lost each round. Can you remember which item is missing?
- Promotes logical thinking skills, strengthens memory skills and encourages concentration.
- For 2 to 8 players.
- 15 minute playing time.

How to play:
- Players get to see all of the items once, and then they must quickly determine which item is missing.
- Everyone places their thumb on their marker card over the symbol matching the item that they feel is correct.
- Get monkey coin for each correct answer the player with the most at the end of the game wins.

- Suitable for ages 5 to adult.