CSSC-SA052 - Scratch Reindeer Antlers Pack 10 9331866023706

Scratch Reindeer Antlers Pack 10
Scratch Reindeer Antlers Pack 10
Code: CSSC-SA052
Barcode/ISBN: 9331866023706
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Product information:

These Scratch Reindeer Antlers make a quick, cost effective and fun Christmas activity for the classroom, afterschool care. Students (and adults) of all ages will enjoy wearing this novel and playful design!

To use these Scratch Reindeer Antlers simply scratch into the black coating using the included wooden tools to reveal the bright, rainbow colours underneath. Then assemble the headband.

Scratch Shapes provide the ideal way for students to explore and develop the elements of line, pattern and shape.
Lines can be varied, they can be straight, curved, close together, form shapes and used to create patterns.

- Made from 350gsm card
- 1 design
- Includes 10 bamboo tools
- Adjustable headband design

Pack of 10