CSSC-ML315 - Art Roc Plaster Bandages 10kg

Art Roc Plaster Bandages 10kg
Art Roc Plaster Bandages 10kg
Code: CSSC-ML315
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Product information:

- A plaster impregnated cloth used for modelling.
- Modroc is a wonderful construction material that can be used on its own, or combined with armature wire, box construction, moulds, chicken wire or rolled up newspaper.
- Modroc dries hard, dries quickly, it is easy to manipulate and form.

- To use: Cut into smaller strips, dip into water and then gently squeeze out excess. Layer over model.
- The finished dry construction can be painted, drawn on or glossed, while embellishments may be glued on.
- NB. Holes and staples need to be made during construction.

- Care instructions: DO NOT throw the Modroc water down domestic sinks as the plaster residue will block drains; throw the water outside into a garden.
- Be careful to have a well-ventilated area.
- Encourage the children not to shake the Modroc, as excessive plaster powder will be released into the air.