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Game – Monkey Bingo Ages 4+

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– Monkey Bingo provides a fun way for younger players to emjoy a classic game, and replaces the usual numbered balls with easy to identify animal tiles instead

How to play:
– Each player receives a card with a number of animal squares, as well as a handful of tokens, while the ‘head monkey’ (the designated caller) scrambles the animal tiles
– When he or she is done, the tiles are placed in the monkey’s banana crate – and then the fun begins!
– The head monkey pushes the little monkey dispenser towards the crate and, like magic, out pops an animal tile!
– If any player has a match, they cover the image on their card with a token – and of course, the first to fill their card wins!
– Main objective of the game is to get three animals in a row or fill their card is the winner!

– Banana crate animal tile dispenser
– 16 x animal tiles
– 8 x two-sided bingo cards’
– 8D transparent monkey chips
– Instruction booklet

– Suitable for ages 4+

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