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Game – Bee Genius Ages 3+

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– Following on from the huge success of The Genius Square, we are delighted to introduce Bee Genius!

– The Queen Bee is leading her worker bees in the construction of their new honeycomb and they need help!

How to play:
– Roll the six dice to determine the locations of the worker bees
– The challenge is then to fit all 11 of the coloured shapes around the bees, with no gaps in order to complete the perfect honeycomb
– There are 46,656 unique possible combinations in which the dice can fall and all of them have at least one possible solution.
– Bee Genius is a non-competitive game, devised to help children to develop their thinking skills.
– Every puzzle solved will help a child to build their skills and grow their self-confidence as they start to realise that they too can BEE GENIUS!

– Suitable for ages 3+

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