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Excel NAPLAN-Style Numeracy Tests Year 7

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ISBN: 9781741253610
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This book includes:

Mini Numeracy Tests
– In the first part of the book you will find thirty-two (Calculator and Non-Calculator) Mini Tests divided into three levels of difficulty – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
You will be able to:
– see what level your child is currently at in Numeracy by finding the point where he or she starts having consistent difficulty with questions in the tests
– see your child’s strengths and weaknesses in different topics by completing the Strengths and Weaknesses Chart
– give your child intensive practice in short tests which have time limits based on the actual Numeracy Test times

Sample Numeracy Tests
– In the second part of the book we provide you with three Sample Tests
– Your child will be able to practise doing the longer sample tests
– As well as answers and worked solutions, there is also a list of the different level of difficulty for each question to help you identify which are the easier and harder questions in the tests.

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