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Daily Workouts for F-6: Building Mental Computation Skills

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ISBN: 9780190330057
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Daily Workouts is an essential and practical resource for teachers, designed to build students’ mental computation skills, develop their learning strategies and support their mathematical understanding. It offers a comprehensive range of activities linked to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, Number and Algebra strand, across all primary year levels.

This book:

– features over 500 ten-minute activities for primary school students: Lower (Years F-2), Middle (Years 3-4) and Upper (Years 5-6)
– focuses on the learning areas of Number and Place Value, Fractions and Decimals, Money and Financial Mathematics, and Patterns and Algebra
– addresses the Australian Curriculum proficiency strands of Understanding, Fluency, Problem-Solving and Reasoning
– helps teachers plan and implement daily maths practice for whole class or small groups
– can be used to support any primary mathematics program
– features student-directed questions, predicted student responses, answers and solutions
– includes variations as well as follow-up or extension tasks.

Daily Workouts is an Oxford Teacher Reference title.

The Oxford Teacher Reference series supports educators with high-quality professional resources to help deliver the best educational outcomes in primary and secondary mathematics.
Led by research and written by experts in the field, this suite of stand-alone teacher reference titles offers comprehensive support across all areas of mathematics.

Oxford Teacher Reference titles are fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and are supported by complimentary digital resources available online through Oxford Owl

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