Book list order update statement;

Booklist Order Delays                                 

We are very sorry to have to inform customers who are currently awaiting delivery of their Book packs that there will be a further delay for some customers until the end of February. The customers that we expect to be affected by this further delay have been emailed individually.

We are extremely sorry and apologise unreservedly for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused. While the delivery problem is not of our making, please know that we have worked tirelessly for weeks to try and find solutions.

The delay continues to be with a third party packing and delivery provider. Our team are working with them to urgently resolve the issues.

Deliveries are being shipped every day but unfortunately a segment of our orders will be subject to further delays. We think this is unacceptable, but it is the reality of the situation.

When will my booklist arrive?

We have been assured the remaining booklist orders will be delivered by February 28.

Your options at this stage are as follows:

1. Keep your order in the queue. In this case, no further action is required by you.

2. If you would like to change your delivery address, you will need to wait until you receive tracking information via email, then create your free MyPost account and follow the instructions on the Australia Post website. Please note: we are unable to assist you with this process as it is an Australia Post service.

3. Request a full refund. Please reply to your copy of this email you were sent, with the word 'Refund' so that we can promptly process the payment. Refunds can take 7-10 business days to clear in to your account.  If you have purchased more than one Booklist, you will receive a unique email for each order.

*Please Note: Customers who have asked for a refund have since reported they have been unable to locate the textbooks elsewhere with some reinstating their orders.

What happens now?

We have been in touch with your school to explain the delay and thanked them for their understanding and flexibility. We have, in conjunction with our publishing contacts, been able to provide digital versions of some books for teachers to use. In other cases, the schools have   informed us they are able to bridge the gap so that no student is disadvantaged until every student has their Booklist packs.

Who can I talk to?

If you have attempted to contact us, please be advised that there may be delays in getting back to you, as we are experiencing an extremely high volume of queries at this time.

Please do not mistake our delayed response as disregard - we take this issue very seriously and have applied all our resources to fixing the problem.

We wish to assure you that your anger and disappointment has been heard and understood.

Please check the website for information updates.

Not all of the items ordered were in my delivery

Your order may arrive in more than one delivery.

We appreciate this does not meet your expectation, but felt it was best to get what we could to you as quickly as possible. If you are missing some of your ordered items, they will arrive in a separate delivery.

How can you make this right?

While we aren’t able to undo recent events, we have wanted to find a way to thank schools, teachers and parents for their patience during this incredibly frustrating time.

We know parents are passionate about their child’s education and not having the right books for the start of the year is far from ideal. As a result, EDSCO has partnered with The School Locker to provide $250,000 of professional development for the teachers at the affected   schools.

By providing teachers with skills in areas such as IT and robotics they are, in turn, able to provide better educational experiences and outcomes for your children. The professional development rollout will commence in different regions over the next three months.

Again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused and really do appreciate your patience.

We are working as hard as we can to get your order shipped.

Kind Regards

Michael Young

Managing Director

Please Note: We have very limited book pack stationery in our store.